Millennium Accounting


Business Consulting, LLC

Since 2002, Millennium Accounting & Business Consulting, LLC has been helping clients overcome financial, operational and structural challenges to become more profitable and productive entities.


We provide a full range of consulting services for everything from Mergers and Acquisitions to Cash Management and Financial Reporting and temporary hourly staffing and business evaluation and turn around to forensic accounting. 


We believe that in order to be successful we must offer our clients the services of the highest caliber of consultants who are trained and equipped with the knowledge and experience to solve a client's issue quickly and with complete integrity.

We offer consulting services for the following:
  • Home Owner Association - Management Services
  • Automotive Industry
  • Daycare
  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Equipment
  • Health Care
  • Mortgages
  • Construction
  • Real Estate

We are trained to identify problems with profitability, management, business operations and strategy. Once the problems are identified, they are measured and evaluated. A plan is put into place to reduce waste and improve the companies bottom line.
We have restored hope for many businesses that were on the brink of collapse and have been able to finely tune already profitable and successful businesses to run more efficiently.
We will assist your business in developing and implementing in-depth working solutions and we will stay until all of the processes and procedures are in place and working. Every step of your custom- tailored program will be documented and your personnel will be trained by our consultants.
The end result is a practical working program that is implemented and installed for your specific needs!